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Found neck pillow at the base of Drunkard’s Delight.

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Found on 11/23 (was probably lost on Sunday 11/22). Will return to whoever provides description and location.



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So I think my wallet dropped out of my pack while packing up at the base of Classic.  Any leads on its whereabouts would be greatly apreciated; just shoot me an email at nathaniel dot kane at gmail dot com.


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Lost Mad Rock belay device at the base of Raunchy.

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Here’s my letter to the Minnewaska State Park Master Planners. Did you send yours?

    Minnewaska State Park is the ‘sleeping giant’ of the Hudson Valley. Within it’s bounds lay some of the finest recreation opportunities to be found in this or any state. Beyond recreation, the Park’s vastness offers a rare opportunity for visitors to leave a busy world behind, and discover unaccustomed solitude, beauty and peace.

    Yet all too often, we’ve found the Minnewaska experience blighted by policies that have limited our enjoyment, often without apparent reason. For years, we’ve known Minnewaska as the Park that says “NO”. “No” to swimming on 90 degree days after Labor Day. “No” to climbing on the most spectacular cliffs in the Park. “No” to taking home the blueberries we pick….

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I lost my cam most likely on Frog’s Head, Three Pines or on the path by the wall connecting those 2 climbs (also climbed Dennis earlier that day). It is almost brand new and has characteristic tape marking on the stem. Will reward with sixpack.

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I lost a Mountain Hardwear rope tarp while climbing at the Nears on October 24-25 weekend. It folds into itself and attaches to MH Splitter pack with a plastic clip.

If there is a way for me to get it back I’d be happy to provide a founderwith a six-pack of the brew of your choice.
I live in NJ but usually climb at the Gunks on every weekend.

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Between the slime wall and the seasons. Its a little non descript black thing, containing student ID, preserve membership, drivers liscense, library card. That kind of thing. If someone finds it my telephone number is 607 342 6203, a six pack will be in order, for sure.

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At first glance, the Minnewaska Master Plan seemingly has something for everyone. Here’s an abbreviated list of the major improvements mentioned in the plan: Read the rest of this entry »

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Found them Nov 3.  Decribe them, and the “container” they were in, to claim them.

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