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Not sure where/when I left it, probably  weekend before last, and definitely in the Trapps.  It’s a silver grey Petzl Helmet w/cartoon girl sticker from El Potrero on the front.

My dead grandmother gave it to me so it has sentimental value …as well as the $100 it’ll cost to replace it.

CALL ME: 845-255-6116   Thanks!   You get a beer or sexual favor of your choice.

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I lost my wedding ring while climbing at Peter’s Kill.  I’m pretty sure it fell out of my pack at the top of the left (west?) rock where those two bolts are drilled in.  It’s a stainless steel ring with the name “Teno” on the inside of the band.  If found please email me:  zswinston (at) yahoo (dot) ca



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Julie found a guidebook to the Nears on the road (slightly run over) belonging to a Rob Alexander. If someone knows how to contact this person, please PM me his email address or phone number and I’ll pass it onto Julie.

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Rope tarp found in the Near.

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Owners name is written in marker on 3 sides.

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