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Found some gear on Betty this afternoon.  Tell me who you and your partners are and what you left, and it shall be returned.

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I lost a set of Wild Country on a wire-gate biner at the bottom of The Brat, on friday 6/25.  My friend and I were toproping and started scrambling around the upper cliff area above the toprope anchor, leaving some stuff at the bottom.

According to a girl climbing next to us, some people came by, saw the stoppers, and asked whose they were.   The girl did not know whose they were, and the people picked up the stoppers and walked towards the bridge (away from the uberfall).

-College student who does not have money to buy new set of stoppers

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email julka7@yahoo.com

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The black one by Dick Williams? probably accidently picked up by another party at the base of Easy O on Monday June 7th. Had some comments on routes climbed, sad to lose my own climbing history. If anyone found it you can reply to holmes.ali@ gmail. com. Thanks.

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I recently lost a chalk bag some where in the vicinity of easy keyhole (as i remember that being the last climb i was on when i last saw it).  May have also been lost somewhere in the trapps parking lot as well. This was about 2 weeks ago.  The design is a bunch of road signs on the face–stop sign, yield sign, etc-Pretty colorful, hard to miss.

Chalk bag was one of a kind purchased from Miguel’s, Kentucky–it means a lot.  Please let me know if you find/have found it.



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Location:  Hudson River Valley Resort, 424 Williams Lake Road, Rosendale, NY

In concert with the purchasing of this property by the Mohonk Preserve and its members, the Open Space Institute, and the State of New York, the GCC and the Access Fund are working to open a new, world class bouldering area at the north end of the Shawangunks (Gunks).

The Gunks Climbers’ Coalition (GCC) is raising $100,000 for the management of the property for the first several years. Please donate whatever you can, through our donation page at gunksclimbers.org.

Come to the party to learn more. Hank Alicandri, the Preserve’s Chief Ranger/Director of Land Stewardship, will be speaking. We will have a video from BigUp Productions, along with others; a DJ; free and raffled swag.

$25 will get you in, get you fed, get you 2 drinks, and great company!

Saturday night, 5/22, 6 – 10pm

You may pay through our website or at the party.

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Found a key on the log at base of Frog’s Head.

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At the base of Dennis/Belly Roll in the Trapps. email me at Kenneth.Kleinberg@yahoo.com

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Lost my membership card near “Something Interesting”, “Three Pines” Area. My name is on it. Please return it to the Mohonk Visitors Center if it was found or email me at krraddock@gmail.com ! Thank you sooooo much!

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Come to the Eastern premiere of Pat Ament’s new film,”THE DISCIPLES OF GILL”!

Legendary climber Pat Ament is coming to the NY/NJ area at the end of April/beginning of May.  Pat’s new film, “The Disciples of Gill,” is getting rave reviews. The film features John Gill – the greatest boulderer of all time.

If you are a climber, boulderer, hiker, love the outdoors, if you have an interest in climbing history, if you like merely to be inspired, if you want to see a work of art, this is the night, this is the show! A MUST SEE !!!!!

Don’t miss this film. It is one of the best you’ll see on climbing, a tender, beautiful chronicle of the golden age of American bouldering. Climbing Magazine editor, Matt Samet calls this film, “one of the most splendid and beautiful meditations on climbing I have ever seen. It has made me a lifelong Pat Ament fan.”

Monday, May 3rd, 8pm — $10 admission
Brooklyn Boulders, in Brooklyn, NY.

For more information about Pat Ament and this film, go to http://gunksclimbers.org/Gill/

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