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Lost two cams, 2 biners & sling at the base of the Frog’s Head wall.

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Gear found on Pitch 2 of risk.  Monday, November 21

call to claim 914-299-0026

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A cam was dropped off the last pitch of High E today (11/6 mid-afternoon) and miraculously clipped itself to the branch of a tree on it’s way down.  It’s fine as a result, and if you can describe the cam to me, I’ll mail it to you.

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Hey I lost 3 cams almost two weeks ago in the Uberfall near the bathrooms, and more specifically, Black Boulder.  This was on 9/26/11.

They were all racked on the same ‘biner and had some colored duck tape to identify them.

If you have any information please help!

~Ian Mayer

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The pin at the belay / rappel came off. I bashed it in but it is cosmetic.

We left two nuts and a sling and two biners to make it safe. Please do not take them

We will go back up tomorrow, Friday 10/28/11 with a permanent link to make it safe.

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Hello – If anyone’s up Maria and finds my bailed anchor, could they kindly mail tohn@rcn.com?  I’d be happy to offer a $20 finder’s fee.


#2 camalot, #1 camalot, orange link cam, brown tricam

Connected with a black cordelette, 3 WildCountry Neons on each cam, plus a WildCountry Neon and some DMM shields on the power point.

Thank you!

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Hey, I made a blunder and left my rope at the bottom of Horsemen this past Monday.  Its a 60m 10mm Mammut Supernova (orange) with a rope bag.  I believe it was left flaked out onto the tarp, and I just walked away from it.  When I went back to look for it, no one had seen it.  Please let me know if you have seen it or have any info about it.

Thanks a lot.  I feel like an idiot for losing my rope, but I want it back.

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Sorry it’s been two weeks, but I just found out there’s a forum for this. Saw somebody with a draft about this but I don’t know how to message directly.

Just confirm the cam sizes or colors you mark your gear with and I’ll get em back to you.

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Found a sling with some gear near Jackie in the trapps on 9-21-11.  Describe it accurately and I will be happy to get it back to ya.

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Describe it, and I’ll get it back to you.

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