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I lost my cell phone in the Lost City on Saturday 5-7-11.   It may have been at the climbing site or on the trail leading up to it.  It is an LG Octane.

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I found your trad rack at the gunks. It was sitting at the top of Jackie, right next to the rap station.

Describe it to me and I will mail it to you.

I love me a good booty find, but this is ridiculous. You need this back.

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Below Frogs Head   tell me what color the tape is and i’ll get it back to you


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I found a climbing guide book in the lower Trapps parking lot (Wawarsing), last Sunday around 1.30 pm. Tell me which book/edition it is, what markings it bears and where you were parked.

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Boots sitting in the snow/ Upper 27 Knolls parking lot. Leather.


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Last weekend I found two chalk buckets at the Trapps. I was in the area they were found until around 7:00 and no one was around or coming back for them. If you can give me a description of the chalk bag/what was in it we can make arrangements to get them back to you.

Also, while a friend and I were climbing Three Pines I overcammed a #3 C4 on the end of the second pitch (the scrambly traverse to the bottom of the corner). My second worked on it for over 30 minutes but still couldn’t get it out. Was wondering if anyone had any luck?

Email me at rwillia3@uvm.edu

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