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AMGA Rock Instructor Course
The RIC is the standard course for all guides who will operate in mulit-pitch terrain. It is also the base course for all those looking to continue down the guide certification path.

The RIC is a 10-day program that we offer with the AMGA. It provides climbing instructors with international level of necessary skills to train with and implement to become professional guides and work toward their certification.

Skills taught and developed during the Rock Instructor Course:
* Client orientation and preparation
* Equipment and protection selection
* Time and pace management
* Alternate descending techniques
* Improvised non-mechanical ascending
* Anchor construction
* Choosing appropriate belay methods and stances
* Multi-pitch station management
* Rappelling and lowering with clients
* Multiple client guiding
* Short roping and short pitching techniques
* Belay escapes
* Performing improvised ascending methods
* Raising systems for guiding
* Hazard recognition and risk management
* Guide

for info and signup, contact: Alpine Endeavors

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