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Location:  Hudson River Valley Resort, 424 Williams Lake Road, Rosendale, NY

In concert with the purchasing of this property by the Mohonk Preserve and its members, the Open Space Institute, and the State of New York, the GCC and the Access Fund are working to open a new, world class bouldering area at the north end of the Shawangunks (Gunks).

The Gunks Climbers’ Coalition (GCC) is raising $100,000 for the management of the property for the first several years. Please donate whatever you can, through our donation page at gunksclimbers.org.

Come to the party to learn more. Hank Alicandri, the Preserve’s Chief Ranger/Director of Land Stewardship, will be speaking. We will have a video from BigUp Productions, along with others; a DJ; free and raffled swag.

$25 will get you in, get you fed, get you 2 drinks, and great company!

Saturday night, 5/22, 6 – 10pm

You may pay through our website or at the party.

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  1. Please note this correction: Pay at the party only. The website is for any additional donation you may wish to make. Thank you.

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