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The pin at the belay / rappel came off. I bashed it in but it is cosmetic.

We left two nuts and a sling and two biners to make it safe. Please do not take them

We will go back up tomorrow, Friday 10/28/11 with a permanent link to make it safe.

2 Responses to “Bonnie’s Roof Rappel unsafe”
  1. Just before the pitch 2..

    It turns out climbers top roping the Throne, 5.12, would use this belay/rappel point as a backup. It eventually pulled the piton out.
    We went and added a nut.

    I think we should pull these anchors out, lower or higher ones before someone has an accident.

  2. I don’t think either fixed anchor is necessary. The midpoint anchor under the crux roof encourages people to rap off P1 down the route. the P1 top anchor has enough natural placements doesn’t it? It is easy enough to walk over to Ursula and rap off a much less busy route.

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