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Describe it, and I’ll get it back to you.

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  1. YES!!! I was just checking around to see if anyone found it. I was leading Golden Dream. Stuck it in at the big horizontal, off to the left, but it didnt fit right, so I kept moving and left it. When I rapped down to clean, I totally forgot it. Remembered it when I got home. It’s an old style Gold Camalot C4. Is that enough ID? Might have had a silver Mammut Moses ‘biner, but not sure. Anyway, hopefully this is the one you are talking about. My name is Jamie Givens, you can email me at gradeiv@gmail.com, or my phone is 609.964.8163. I will be up at the Gunks this weekend on Saturday. Maybe we can plan a hand-off. I live in NYC. Thanks for posting this!



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